90’s Kid – God level Quiz only You can Beat!


Ariel is the _____ daughter of King Triton.

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Mike Wachowski and James P Sullivan are two well known characters in a Pixar Movie. Can you name the Movie ?

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First full length animated Cartoon film by Disney was?

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How many Disney Princesses have red hair?

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What item is referred to as a "dinglehopper" in The Little Mermaid?

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When Snow White falls to the ground in the forest, which animal approached first ?

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Only 90’s Kid can beat this quiz.With these 10 questions, you will soon learn all about Disney’s world and other 90s famous characters.If you are sciencophile do take our – Sciencophile Quiz.

In the 90s, Disney was at its peak of success. From popular TV shows like ‘The Disney Channel’Disney Princess,’ to ‘Hannah Montana’Cinderella.’ There is no denying that Disney had its own place in our culture. And the great thing about these quizzes is that they can be taken by children as young as three years old, and there are even quizzes for adults too!

When you are preparing to take your kids on a quiz taker, you need to prepare ahead of time, as this will ensure that you don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to finding the answers. You will need to have plenty of information handy such as the name of the Disney character, the name of the film, and the release date. Also, you may want to include some of the trivia on the surface so that you know who they were based on.

There is no time limit, and when you have finished answering it, you get a number. A higher number means you have guessed the more correctly. We also offer some exciting and fun games that you can play with your child. The kids are entertained during the game, and this is what you want to give them. You can also use the internet as a learning tool, something you won’t find with some of the other websites that offer children’s quizzes.

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