Sexual Health – Must know your Sexual Style ?


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You give high value towards novelty while sex. You like it more when it's a little bit rough. Hair pulling is something what really turns You on.

You're dependable, useful and also value intimacy during sex. Nothing too elegant. You just prefer to take one of the most comfortable, most convenient route to climax.

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This post is intentionally made to give information about various sexual styles. Your sexual style has a lot of impact on your sexual health. If missionary, cowgirl, or doggy sexual style is best for you? Modern times sexual health is a pressing issue with almost every metro city in the world.No doubt why Ivf centers, surrogacy, sperm bank is on the rise in almost every major city of the world.

Knowing your sexual style can help you increase your libido or sexual appeal.This can result in longer hours with your mate.Every human has distinct taste.Take this test and know your type 🙂

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