Car Insurance Quiz – Made by 5 greatest Insurance Broker


Auto repair insurance is independent of?

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Higher car insurance premiums is applicable for?

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A compulsory car insurance scheme was first introduced in?

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Vehicle insurance can cover?

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Vehicle insurance is not known as

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Vehicle insurance is also known as car insurance, motor insurance, or auto insurance.

How seasoned you are as a car insurance broker? Have you ever tried to evalute yourself? Have your ever tried taking mirror test?I really doubt you did so..This car insurance quiz is fire test to prove how much you know about your subject.

To help you out.Here is a hint – Car insurance or vehicle insurance as one would say was first introduced in United Kingdoms.You can refer this – wikipedia article for more info regarding the same.Car is integral part of daily life.Insuring it to make sure your life doesn’t end is cherry on top of that.

Biggest dilemma is that people don’t care about insurance.They see it as extra liability.But they fail to understand the kind of advantage it gives over not purchasing it.I doubt people will try understanding its importance.

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